UNESCO OER Community Awarded at eLearning Africa

The UNESCO OER Community received the 2008 MANeLA Leadership Award. Â It was presented at eLearning Africa last week by Moustapha Diack, Director of MERLOT Africa Network (MAN), and Gerry Hanley, Executive Director of MERLOT.

The Leadership Award recognizes the Community’s “significant contribution to the global understanding of the issues and innovations surrounding OER and the OER movement”.

The Merlot Africa Network (MAN) established a “MAN-eLearning Africa exemplary practice Award” to recognize exemplary OER (learning resources) and Communities of Practice. MAN made use of the peer review protocol already established by MERLOT for selecting best practices, and modified the protocol to include criteria of OER internationalization such as multi-language support and accessibility. Â Our thanks to MAN for this honour.

Thank to Susan D’Antoni and her staff, for their endful energy and work and for being the catalyst of our community!

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