We are in the fullest of the European Code Week 2017 and Italy has exceeded the 8,000 events and we at Dschola wanted to contribute with a mega event MEGACODERS!

The idea of ​​Stefano Mercurio was to gather 300 children in one place to make a mega coder dojo. A madness, however, has just found allies in Fablab 4 kids and Toolbox, and a supporter in Google.

In mid-September we launched an open call for schools and tutors, and the response was superior to expectations: in just 4 days we passed the available places and we had to close the registrations. Many teachers were disappointed but -really – we could not do more-

Also the tutor’s response has not been awaited: associations, informal groups, enthusiasts and high schools will contribute with their skills and equipment to support younger children and young people in learning to code.

The event is free for everyone and will take place on October 19 at Toolbox – Fablab 4 kids

The participants will be divided into teams of 10 participants to give the participants the opportunity to be active
Each team will be followed by one or more tutors who will provide their knowledge on a theme of their choice
Each tutor will provide the consumable material and any kits for the team – If the classes have devices (tablets or other) they can bring them

the FAcebook event

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