[:en]Trends in education and organization models[:]

[:en]Trends in education and organization models[:]


On December 3rd, 2008 I made a presentation for elearning 2.0 initiative at ITC/ILO. There were about 20 persons coming from different parts of the world (from Ivory Coast to Uruguay,from Malesia tu Uganda, Ghana, South Africa…). My presentation was about the trends of education and organization models. You can find my slideshow on slideshare.
I would make a special thanks to professor David Wiley as I used a part of one of his presentation on slideshare, called Openness and the Disaggregated Future of Higher Education, along with many photos I picked from Flickr.
The presentation also include a part about Personal Learning Environment, and during my speech I had the opportunity to talk about Connectivism and Connected Knowledge Course, that ended the day before. I was really very happy to have the opportunity to take part to this big experiment, also if I am one of the many “drop out”. Thanks to this course I understood that learning online and PLE needs some kind of guidance, otherwise facing too many options the risk is you feel yourself lost… Personally I felt a little be disoriented, also if I chose from the beginning that I followed only the blog and the wiki.. I made also some mistakes: for example I didn’t understand I have to renovate my subscription to the moodle forum every week.
Another thing I learned is that it is really an illusion (for me, of course) to have a daily amount of time (also if small) to dedicate to the lifelong learning. I wasn’t able to follow a single online meeting on the wednesday.
I think the course was really interesting: if someone could make some kind of “the best of” could be really useful and also motivating for coming back and read or re-read things I missed.
Thank you to Stephen and George and everyone of my virtual mates for giving me the opportunity to share with you this “big” learning experiments.


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