[:en]From Italy to Palestine: Vittorio Arrigoni writes from Gaza[:]

[:en]From Italy to Palestine: Vittorio Arrigoni writes from Gaza[:]


Just published on GlobalVoicesOnline an interview to Vittorio Arrigoni. Please have a look at the article.

Vittorio Arrigoni is an Italian human rights activist who is currently in Gaza, one of a number of activists who arrived with the Free Gaza movement. Vittorio (Vik) blogs at Guerrilla Radio [it], and also writes for the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto. His posts vividly describe what the people of Gaza are experiencing right now. In one, a doctor describes the effects of the white phosphorus shells Israel is accused of using: “He said that what was totally inexplicable was the total absence of eyeballs, which even in the case of trauma of that magnitude should stay in place, at least traces of them.” [Read the entire article on Global Voices Online]

Today I was totally upset to read thiswebsite in which they instigate to kill Vittorio and other activists in Gaza: I couldn’t believe in what I was reading.


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