[:en]Federica, the first Italian higher education project for OER[:]

[:en]Federica, the first Italian higher education project for OER[:]


Federica , a comprehensive e-learning portal established in 2007 at Federico II University in Naples, Italy, is launching its release 2.0 on Friday March 13th, 2009,

«Our public University mission — explained Guido Trombetta, Federico II President — convinced us to avoid any password or other limitations to knowledge access. Each individual can access the entire scientific and education content provided on Federica – to study and research, to deepen his/her own learning or professional interests.»

After five years of research and innovation, Federica 2.0 now offers over 100 courses covering all 13 University departments — from Engineering to Medicine, Social Studies and Agriculture. Content currently available online include more than 2,000 lessons, 1,600 documents, 20,000 images, 300 videos, and 600 podcasts. Each online course provides access to lesson abstracts, research material, multimedia resources, video and audio files, extra Web hyperlinks.

The educational offering provided by Federica includes also three other learning environments:
– PodStudio: downloading of all course lessons as podcast files, easy to use anytime and anywhere on last-generation multimedia device;
– Living Library: 600 external worldwide Web resources (magazines, e-books, databases, reseach centers, etc.), selected by an multisciplinary expert panel;
– Federica 3D: a virtual rendering of the University campus with all departments placed around one single squame, for exploring their educational resources in an exciting 3-D environment.


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