[:en]Let’s support Global Voices Advocacy! [:]

[:en]Let’s support Global Voices Advocacy! [:]


Global Voices Online Advocacy Do you know Global Voices Online Advocacy? It’s one of the non profit projects affiliated to GlobalVoices Online, devote to sustain freedom of speech against censorship around the world. You can also follow them through Twitter – Advox.
Global Voices Advocacy keeps track of online censorship worldwide in daily posts, and maintains a map of web 2.0 censorship. There are also guides like Anoymous Blogging with WordPress & Tor or Blogging for a Cause that many bloggers appreciate.
As fromFreedom House Italy was just rated as partly free :

Global Press Freedom Declines in Every Region; for First Time Israel, Italy and Hong Kong Lose Free Status. … Out of the 195 countries and territories covered in the study, 70 (36 percent) are rated Free, 61 (31 percent) are rated Partly Free and 64 (33 percent) are rated Not Free. This represents a modest decline from the 2008 survey in which 72 countries and territories were Free, 59 Partly Free and 64 Not Free. The new survey found that only 17 percent of the world’s population lives in countries that enjoy a Free press.


I vote for Global Voices Advocacy, because… 1) I support freedom of speech and a I am against the censorship and 2) I know people working for Global Voices Advocacy and I trust them.

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