[:en]Mozilla Open Education Course – 3 – My Blueprint[:]

[:en]Mozilla Open Education Course – 3 – My Blueprint[:]


We, as participant of the Mozilla course, are requested to produce a Blueprint as assignment.
Everyone is trying to think something useful for the educational community.

My proposal arise fromt the consideration of language barriers in the OER community: the english (and spanish, too) speaking people could access many educational resources, open or semi-open, but for italian language (and I suppose also for many other languages in the world) things are very different.
So, in my opinion the question is, how we can exploit the existing resources for making them available to K-12 students and teachers not-english-speaking?

My proposals are two:

1) define a Sitemap format also for elearning contents. In Italy most of educational agencies use Moodle, but learning contents are not accessible outside Moodle. Many Universities and Schools agree to freely distribute their contents, but as the contents are “buried” inside the LCMS they are not accessible and usable. It was a school teacher, Dario Zucchini, a friend of mine, to suggest me the idea of using Sitemap for making contents more findable even by the search engines.

2) build an open source platform, easily to install and customize (wordpress-like) that allows teachers to create living libraries of educational objects. You could say: there are so many sites already, do you know connexions? In my experience people want to own the repository and use it in their own language. So this platform should easily allow to describe the education resources:I think something like www.librarything.com does with books, in which it is possible to pick the description of the books from external libraries (as we could pick the description of the education resources from other repositories), it is possible to assess and “review” the educational units, and also to suggest similar education units.. and many other actions..

What do you think about “www.educationalthing.com”?


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