[:en]Help European govts embrace Web 2.0[:]

[:en]Help European govts embrace Web 2.0[:]

[:en]Following to this workshop in Brussels , the promoters of that meeting started this initiative addressed to influence EU Member States in adopting more openness and transparency: the idea is to write in a collaborative and collective way a manifesto to be presented, during the the EU ministerial conference on November 19-20, 2009 where they will define the main priorities of e-government in the next three years.
eups20 manifesto
The manifesto about public service 2.0 is under construction and your help in rating/writing the manifesto is welcomed: http://mixedink.com/Eups20/Manifesto?a=c0R4MHTZ

For background information on this initiative see http://eups20.wordpresscom[:]

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