[:en]Open Education Resources: Conversation in Cyberspace[:]

[:en]Open Education Resources: Conversation in Cyberspace[:]

[:en]cover of the bookIn quality of member of the OER Unesco community, I am very happy to know about this publication from UNESCO.

The book brings together the background papers and reports from the first three years of activities in the community. From the press release:

Education systems today face two major challenges: expanding thereach of education and improving its quality. Traditional solutionswill not suffice, especially in the context of today’s knowledgeintensive societies.
Open Educational Resources offer one solution for extending
learning opportunities. The goal of the OER movement is to equalize access to knowledge worldwide through sharing online high quality content. Open Educational Resources are digitalized materials offered freely and openly for use and reuse in teaching, learning and research.
Since 2005, UNESCO has been at the forefront of building
awareness about this movement by facilitating an extended
conversation in cyberspace. A large and diverse international
community has come together to discuss the concept and potential of OER in a series of online forums.
The background papers and reports from the first three years of community activities are now available in print. Open Educational Resources: Conversations in Cyberspace provides an overview of the first steps of this exciting new development: it captures the conversations between
leaders of some of the first OER projects, and documents early debates on the issues that continue to challenge the movement. The publication will provide food for thought for all those intrigued by OER – its promise and its progress. Open Educational Resources: Conversations in Cyberspace is UNESCO’s first openly licensed publication – an indication of the commitment of the Organization to the sharing of knowledge and the free flow of ideas.

To access the free online edition, go to http://oerwiki.iiep-unesco.org/index.php?title=Open_Educational_Resources:_Conversations_in_Cyberspace.

The print edition can be purchased for 12 Euros at http://publishing.unesco.org/details.aspx?Code_Livre=4671.

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