[:en]The Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge [:]

[:en]The Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge [:]

[:en]Philipp Schmidt (of the Peer 2 Peer University), today send to the Mozilla Open Education list, this announce for a new initiative, sponsored by Mozilla and with support of the MacArthur Foundation, that I am pleased to share
Help turn the open Web into a rich learning environment and explore new possibilities for using Firefox add-ons to support learning online, as part of the the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation with support from the MacArthur Foundation. Designers, educators and software developers who want to turn their innovative ideas into working prototypes will learn to use the new Jetpack technology from Mozilla Labs to create Firefox add-ons to support learning on the open Web, using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The creators of the most promising add-ons will be invited to an intensive three-day Jetpack for Learning Design Camp (to be held in conjunction with SXSW Interactive in March 2010), where they’ll further refine their work and the best add-ons will be publicly recognized.

For more information:

URL: http://design-challenge.mozilla.org/jetpack-for-learning
TWITTER: @jet4learning / #jet4learning[:]

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