About me

About me

Puntopanto (dotpanto) is

  • an onomatopoeic abbreviation of my email address which has always been eleonora dot panto @ something dot it –
  • the opportunity to make the point, and also a place to tidy up things done and ideas in your head.
  • the opportunity to make the point regarding past and new things.


In the last two years (since 2019) I have been working as a staff member of the Education and School Construction Councillor of the City of Turin, in particular on activities related to educational services (catering, disabled school transport, school inclusion, vaccinations, book coupons, online enrolment, orientation) and I am in charge of some aspects related to communication.
Since 2000 I have been working on technological innovation and education for CSP, working on learning with media, video games and MOOCs. I have managed several European projects on elearning, education and media, video games, diversity, inclusion and cyberbullying, industry 40, data interoperability and marine knowledge, also as community manager and social media manager.
I have been working in IT since 1981, I designed and implemented the first versions of the websites of the Piedmontese public administration at CSI Piemonte and in vocational training at ENGIM Piemonte where I coordinated the IT department.
I have been studying the impact of the Internet on education since 1996: I have written books and contributed to the foundation of the DSchola Association, a community of schools at the service of other schools, and the Media and Learning Association, which organises the European Medea Awards competition.
In 2008 I contributed to the launch of the Italian section of Global Voices Online, an international citizen journalism project, and to the first Italian event on citizen media.
I am the Piedmont representative of the Rosa Digitale network and I contributed to the launch of the Open Education network.
In my free time I like swimming, reading, cooking, watching movies.


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