Mozilla Open Education Course – 1

Mozilla Open Education Course – 1


I was very happy that my application to theOpen Education promoted by the Mozilla Foundation, ccLearn and P2PU (Peer2Peer University) was accepted. The course content were organized in three areas: open license, open technology and open pedagogy.

It was requested to propose a project idea to participate to the course: at the end of course, we have to prepare a blueprint related to the proposed idea.
Here the list of participant: for each of us, a bref description and the proposed project.

We have our first introductory session on April 2nd: Philips Schmidt, the coordinator of the course and the other panelist, from Mozilla Foundation and Creative Commons, explained us the structure of the course and the objectives.

The discussion on the Google Group started before the live session: we are from the four corners of globe, we have different backgrounds and live and work in different context.. I like it very much, but it will be a great challenge to set up our groups and our projects withing the next 6 weeks.

My proposal is quite general and I have to work on it: I wish to create a repository for Emeritus that agree in licensing their works under Creative Commons…. What the barriers? Do we need new tools/platforms for this?

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