Mozilla Open Education Course – 2

Mozilla Open Education Course – 2


The discussion is going on on the list of the course also in a distributed way through twitter, the participants blogs, the wiki course.

We had some troubles with the webex solutions for the live conferences (only audio, slides and chat) so I discovered the Openvideoconference.

I discovered the Flatknowledge project, a wonderful idea of open source publishing: “Flat World would become a publisher—commission, edit, and peer review the books—but it would give its titles away free on the web. Students could order paper copies cheaply in color or black-and-white, and the site would sell a host of study aids and services. In addition, teachers could edit, delete, and remix textbooks so that the books precisely match the teacher’s approach to a course. “ and many other interesting things going on in the world, like the The Seneca Centre for Development of Open Technology: in which students work in connection with the most important open source institution, like the Mozilla foundation.

If you want to know more about project and resources discussed during the course, I am bookmarking everything on my profile with the tag “MozOpenEduCourse”


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