Learning4content workshop – Building capacity for open education together

Learning4content workshop – Building capacity for open education together

As a member of the UNESCO OER Community I have the opportunity to take part to a wiki training session promoted by the Wayne Macintosh of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL).

WikiEducator Learning4Content: 25 February-7 March

The UNESCO OER Community has considered the need to create resources to support local awareness raising activities to extend and build on the interaction in the Community. The set of stories that has been created is one resource. This training session can be used to create additional resources for local awareness raising of OER.[:][:en]

COL is offering this session on Mediawiki editing skills, with joint engagement in the form of a learning contract. This is a practical session, and you will be able to develop a resource as part of the training.
There are 10 tutorials and each takes 30-40 minutes, so you would need to plan to devote about 4-5 hours in total. Aim at completing a tutorial each work day over the two week period.

The Training session is free and opened to every teachers is interested in, Around the globe, teachers and educators will receive free training in wiki skills through a series of online and face-to-face workshops. In return, they will become WikiEducators themselves by developing and donating one free content resource back to the WikiEducator community.

In other words, L4C participants will “pay” for their training by donating, for example, one lesson or teaching resource back to the project in the spirit of education as a common good for society. Prospective L4C participants are required to sign a learning contract so that we target our efforts in training educators, teachers and trainers who share our vision for free teaching materials.

This learn-by-doing project will enable teachers and educators to engage with a real community of WikiEducators!.[:]

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