[:it]Genova, luglio 2001[:en]Genoa, July 2001[:]

[:it]Sono un po’ fuori tempo per le celebrazioni, ma anche quest’anno come nel 2001 ero in vacanza a metà luglio. Nel 2001 ero in vacanza nel Salento; la mia amica, si rinchiuse nel bungalow tutto il giorno, completamente distrutta da come stavano andando le cose, perché un’altra nostra amica era a Genova e noi eravamo al mare a divertirci. Per fortuna quella ed altri amici non erano nella caserma di Bolzaneto, anche se hanno mantenuto di quei giorni ricordi drammatici. Ricordo perfettamente come si percepisse anche dalla radio l’escalation degli avvenimenti, come se a tutti i costi si cercasse il morto. E anche le polemiche dei giorni successivi, in cui le persone a Bolzaneto venivano descritte come criminali e i poliziotti come vittime di una violenza insensata.


I am just bit late for celebrations, but this year as in 2001, on July I was on my holidays summer. In 2001 I was on holidays in Salento (in the South of Italy, near Otranto, a really lovely place); we are listening at the radio the chronicle of what is happening in Genoa, and my friend was extremely disappointed, she went to bed and stay the whole day closed in the bungalow. She was very worried about a friend of her that was in Genoa, while we were at the seaside, enjoing it. Luckly that friend and other ones, were not in Bolzaneto, but they didn’t never forget those days.
I remember perfectly as we perceived the escalation from the radio, as if they were absolutely looking for a body. And also the controversies of the days after, where people in Bolzaneto was described as dangerous criminals and the policemen as victims of a nonsense violence.

Now, some years after, we started to see things in a more clear way, but the facts of Genoa will remain a black hole in the Italian history.

Today, I wrote this post as I read this article from the Guardian, The Bloody Battle of Genoaand it is also available in Italian: it is worth to read.

In those days, ruled the second Berlusconi government, with Claudio Scaiola, as Minister for Internal matters (the same man that keep away the escort to a an economist, Marco Biagi, that was killed after this. He was forced to resign when he defined Marco Biagi as a “pain in the ass”). Today Claudio Scajola is the Minister for economic activities. The national head of the Italian police was Giovanni de Gennaro, that this year in april, was prosecuted for incitement to perjury during the investigations for the fact about G8 in Genoa, and specially for the Diaz school facts. Today he is the Direcotr of State Department for information and security.

From Lebanon/, people says that they need to to have a person like Grillo , as he played a role in the unveiling of the Parmalat’s financial fraud (Parmalat is an Italian dairy and food corporation). Today Grillo written on his post that he would start a fight against politician, starting from the next administrative election, in the spring of 2009.
I don’t like drawner of crowd and I don’t agree with many of the Grillo’s proposals, but he give voices to many Italians that don’t recognize anyone who could enact them.

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