Biblioteche e e-learning

Biblioteche e e-learning

[:it][Pubblicato nel mese di Ottobre 2017 su Biblioteche Oggi]
Biblioteche e e-learning
Eleonora Pantò


Digital skills such as information literacy are strategic and libraries play a crucial role in this cultural process. CSP, a research organization in Piedmont has been supporting libraries in adopting technology for learnig over the last decade and beyond. In the article we present, some of these projects including the “Elearning in library” carried out with Turin Civic Libraries, “Librare” which involved some school libraries and the experience of the EMMA platform with a MOOC on the digital library. Moreover, we think to the library also as physical learning space and with “COMFORTSENSE” and “HALADIN” project, we monitored the indoor comfort using sensing sensors.


e-learning; MOOC;

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