Using Social media in the Classroom: a best practice guide (book review)

This is my book review

Using Social media in the Classroom: a best practice guide Written by Megan Poore, Australian National

for Media and Learning September 2016

This book is addressed to teachers that are looking for a well-structured guide to the introduction of social media tools in their day-by-day activity. It is not a manual as such because of the author, Megan Poore, who is an Australian
researcher with a background in training pre-service teachers, means to provide general principles on how to use these tools with clear objectives in mind, focused on the students’ skills and needs. Beginners
are guided in their discovery of the virtues of social media through four chapters namely Getting Started: The Essentials, The “Big Four”, Enriching Your Practice, and Social Contexts. Practitioners, as well as beginners, are likely to find this book useful. This second edition published
in 2016, uses much of the same content as the 2012 edition and also
includes two new chapters about educational games and mobile learning.
This guide is accompanied by a very helpful companion website which
provides many useful links.
This book was published by Sage in 2016 (ISBN: 9781473912786)

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