Mentoring for Global Change: new tools for education

Mentoring for Global Change: new tools for education

[:en]On last July, I got an email from Solana Larsen of GlobalVoicesOnline announcing a collaboration with a Danish Aid Organization: she was asking for someone interested to mentor a Danish or African blogging student participating on a course about using socialmedia for activism.

The course is started on 7th, September and the mentor team is composed by 30 bloggers from all around the world from the GlobalVoice Community: now we are trying to get in touch and starting a conversation with the 30 students in Copenhagen.

The course is focused on Climate Change and Climate Justice: the students will get the task to develop and carry out a large scale campaign on climate justice, brining the plight of the poor to the table of the COP15 summit in Copenhagen in December.
The students just made their first posts and started an email exchange with us.

As usual, any idea, iniative or project carried out with Global Voices is exiciting, as we act really as a global community and also this time everything is shared through the mentors.. we are peer-to-peer mentoring also ourselves.

I will follow a young mentee, Martina Aloo Ooko, a second-year student in Sociology from Kenya for the next six weeks: we already exchanged some emails, I was very interested in knowing more about her and her expectations in attending this course.[:]

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